The incantare audioServer by arcus is high-end-CD-player and digital music archive all in one. With its built-in storage medium you can easily archive a complete CD-collection, because the internal storage of 4 TByte holds enough capacity for your CDs.

arcus has been occupied for many years with the topic of audio servers and plays a leading role within this sector: Numerous tests made by technical press have proved that audioServers made by arcus sound better than comparable CD players by other manufacturers. With our “bit by bit recording technology” for your CDs nothing ever gets lost – and if you wish the audioServer can easily save your music as MP3-file.

Importing your CD-collection is as simple as that: Insert CD and follow the clearly arranged menu. The audioserver adjusts your CD with a title database and offers you the name of the album, the singer, the genre and many other features. By connecting the equipment with the internet, your audioServer can download topical database at any time. You can instantly find any artist, song and album just by scrolling through our smart menu! If you are lacking the time to import your complete collection yourself, just use our arcus preload service.

Since your collection will surely be growing, we offer you the arcus upgrade service: When storage extension is needed, we handle it for you. You just decide, how much is needed – your present music does not get lost and is simply relocated.

Of course you can copy any stored music by using the installed CD-writer, e.g. to burn a CD for your car. And if your own collection bores you, just turn to internet radio.

Naturally also this equipment is multiroom adjustable if you wish: The incantare audioServer supports the so-called UPnPAV-protocol, whereas you can use it as your central music database. By installing so-called streaming clients you can enter your archive from each room, no matter which music you are listening to in the main room.

All arcus incantare-components are available in elegant titanium silver, some of them also in classical black or trendy white. More details can be seen on our data sheets.

Titansilber, Schwarz

Technical data audioServer – at a glance

  • Digital audio-recorder with up to 4 TByte hard drive
  • CD-drive and network connection
  • Analogue audio-inputs: 1 x Stereo Cinch
  • Analogue audio-outlets: 1 x Stereo Cinch
  • Digital audio-outlets: SPDIF (coaxial and toslink)
  • Measurements incl. feet: 44 x 10 x 37 cm
  • Types: titanium silver, black

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