During the development of the incantare mediaServer one maxim centered all our thoughts: Only absolute modern technology should be used since highest and purest quality was the declared aim of our engineers. Today you can dispose of an innovative high-tech equipment with the help of which you will conquer a new world of entertainment: BluRay and 1080p HDTV emphasize the ultimate level of this product. Naturally the mediaServer works without air conditioning and thus without a sound – so enjoy the 7.1 high-definition-audio-outlet!

Do you remember watching your first DVD? How impressed you were by the excellent quality of the picture? You can experience that once more: Look forward to a superlative of picture quality! – Though what would be a perfect picture without the scenic support of a perfectly sounding music arrangement? Grant yourself the overwhelming experience of a live concert in the middle of your living room: With the high-definition-audio-outlet the incantare mediaServer offers the most detailed audio-reflection of all media, neither depending on stereo or uncomprimised 7.1 multichannel surround sound. No matter whether you want to enjoy the latest TV-program, a blockbuster on DVD, an entertaining slide show with your friends or simply listen to your very personal favourite music – just push the button and it is all at your disposal.

By the way - live-reception of two high-definition-programs (HDTV) is possible, when a DVB-S2 card are installed. Furthermore you can receive pay-TV with a CAM-Modul-extension. The arcus incantare mediaServer is also compatible with the Microsoft software “Windows®Media Center“, which offers you several breathtaking features in addition. Windows®Media Center

The mediaServer supports the so-called UPnP AV-protocol, which enables you to use it as a central video and music database. By connecting Streaming Clients you can access your video and music archive from each room. Plus the best: Any watching or listening inside the center room does not influence access from a side room.

The built-in memory of the mediaServer can be individually dimensioned. Should you ever wish to supplement this, you can adapt the arcus external storage. If you lack the time to import your complete collection yourself, we recommend the arcus preload service.

All arcus incantare-components are available in elegant titanium silver, some of them also in classical black or trendy white. More details can be seen on our data sheets.

Titansilber, Schwarz

Technical data mediaServer – at a glance

  • Fanless mediaServer with up to 3 TB internal memory
  • Technological platform: Windows 7 / 8 Ultimate 64Bit
  • BluRay drive
  • Full HD 1080 p
  • Analogue audio-outlets: 1 x stereo cinch
  • Digital audio-outlets: SPDIF, 24 Bit, 196 kHz
  • Measurements incl. feet: 44 x 10 x 37 cm
  • Types: titanium silver, black

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