Competence from the very beginning – perfect planning with arcus

You are an architect and about to plan a house for a definitely demanding client? Or you are the builder who wants to fully exhaust the possibilities of modern, multi-media entertainment? – In both cases arcus is just the perfect partner: Our consultants consider your personal wishes and ideas respectively those of your client, take a look at the drafts and then create the perfect multi media solution for your individual building. Starting with the wiring diagram for your multi media network (TV and radio transmission, home network and internet) up to defining the perfect location for all your equipment - arcus is your professional advisor. This way you will perfectly enjoy audio, video and TV – in high definition and all over your place!

One example: Since the incantare MediaServer supports the so-called UPnP AV-protocol, it can be used as a central video and music data base. By adapting streaming clients one can access its video and music archive from every room. Any watching or listening inside the center room does not influence access from a side room. Thus arcus can realize multiroom-solutions, which are literally family-friendly and will absolutely inspire you and/or your clients!


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