Philosophy – perfect entertainment by arcus

Developed and produced in Germany reference products introduced by arcus regularly startle the market and set new standards. Several own developments and patents set proof and support the company on its way of success. So the name arcus has been synonymous for quality high-tech equipment of the upper premium sector, perfectly manufactured with an exclusive design.

arcus-solutions are innovative and boast with conclusions and technologies always placing the individual in the foreground and not technics. The stylish high-tech products enrich your audiophile lifestyle and let you enjoy each moment without being seized by technics. That is exactly what the slogan “arcus – your entertainment“ stands for: Equipment by arcus is created to support your every-day life and grant pure pleasure.

arcus not only offers audio products but also presents multi-media and multi-room solutions. arcus is defined by its holistic approach, the simple operation of our equipment and the high quality standard concerning technics and design.


Environment – responsible acting with arcus

Equipment made by arcus are developed and produced in Germany. “Made in Germany” not only symbolizes quality but also guarantees an environmental-friendly production. arcus not only obeys by the regulations of environmental protection but also exceeds them in self-imposed expectations. arcus-developers already consider energy consumption, long-life cycle and the later recycling when choosing materials and construction parts. Environmental compatibility during the whole life cycle is top priority from the very beginning. One issue arcus can be very proud of is the long-life cycle of its products: Strong focus on the future and high quality manufacture guarantee extremely long-lasting economic lifetime. What does not need to be replaced does not waste energy in production and transport – quality is the best energy saver! The purity of sound, the beauty of the look and the focus on our planets future – these are important pillars within our company.

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