Quality – arcus means enjoying with all senses

arcus-products have always been a caring homage to the paragon of perfection: Due to this reason our products are developed and manufactured in Germany. Precisely and with passion.

During its complete history and especially in the latest past arcus has invested huge sums into new developments and top modern production plants. The result is for you to enjoy: Products compared to likewise within the premium sector are not only one generation ahead but two generations altogether. arcus-products set the standard within their class!

During the developing process arcus-employees already take advantage of one unbeatable partner – the human ear. There is no measuring instrument in the world comparable to our sense of hearing. For this reason arcus-products are created in cooperation with professional multi-listeners: International conductors lend us their professional ears and enlarge the arcus-engineers’ knowledge. Thus high-tech equipment with character is built; models that have been and still are landmarks in Hi-Fi-history.

It has always been arcus-philosophy to concept products holistically. Therefore both function and shape of our products always build a balanced unity. Hightech made by arcus makes you enjoy with all your senses! Beyond the pure listening experience, each arcus-equipment also pleases the eye. Selected material and aesthetic expression of shape round up to a perfect canon, whereas arcus-designers do not support any given fashionable trend. On the contrary, they design timeless pieces of art deco for your home.


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